9 Ways to Defeat Cravings, Control Your Appetite and Overcome Hunger

Burn fat, 9 ways to defeat cravings, control your appetite and overcome hunger when you think you cannot are tough

challenges. Cookies, cakes, creams, pies, ice cream with hot fudge and nuts… Wow, doesn’t this sound great? I’m sure

it makes your mouth water just thinking about these delectable tasting treats just flowing over your taste buds,

making those endorphins in your brain bounce around like kids in a pool.

It’s not easy, but some people have the willpower and the restraint to grin and bear cravings and hunger. But hunger,

cravings and missing favorite foods like the ones mentioned gets the best of almost everyone. This is why you need

strategies to handle hunger and control your appetite. Otherwise, you’re headed toward one negative side of effect of

increased belly fat. This is only the beginning…

We are all dealing with physical and mental challenges. That’s why your strategies need to be both mental and

physical. The most powerful appetite suppressants won’t help you if you have no mental strength. Even if you have the

strongest will power in the world, it won’t last forever in the face of hormonal hunger.

We are so conditioned to leap into action and grab food when we feel the slightest hunger, the truth is we may not

need to eat at all. Nothing bad will happen if you don’t eat when you feel hungry, assuming you’re following all the

common sense strategies of a good nutrition plan for burning fat; good things will happen… like seeing your abs! And

building a very strong “discipline muscle” which will carry over to other areas of your life.

Fortunately there are natural ways to control hunger that have a wonderful side effect; they are ways to burn fat. The

following is the help we all seek: Burn fat 9 ways to defeat cravings, control your appetite and overcome hunger.

Eat a lean protein with EVERY meal. Lean protein foods suppress appetite better than any other macronutrient.

Eat a substantial breakfast and eat small frequent meals throughout the day. Skipping breakfast correlates very highly

with late day hunger and even binging.

Avoid very low fat diets. Don’t cut all the fat out of your diet. Nonfat diets often increase hunger.

Eat 14 grams of fiber per 1000 calories of caloric intake. Fiber is satiating and provides bulk to your meals without

large amounts of calories. Think veggies first, fruits second and high fiber whole grains and legumes and root veggies


Drink a lot of water or find a non-caloric beverage to drink when you feel hungry. Water isn’t necessarily a strong

appetite suppressant, but it does full up your stomach and satisfy a psychological need to consume something.

Experiment with food substitutions, especially carbs to see what makes you feel fuller. Some foods make you feel much

fuller that others. For example, most people say that oatmeal gets them extremely full; while a boxed cereal like

wheat flakes leave them hungry.

Use calorie/carb cycling or re-feed days and allow yourself free meals. It’s a lot easier to stick to a program if you

have planned free meals and re-feeds.

Training. Contrary to the nonsense that some keep spewing out, the majority of research says exercise does not

increase appetite and may even decrease it.

SLEEP! Research from the University of Chicago and the University of Wisconsin has conclusively proven that sleep

deprivation increases hunger hormones and leads to more inadvertent snacking during the day. Don’t ignore it. This is

a bigger culprit than you might think.

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