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Flavia Del Monte’s Full Body-Licious & Curvalicious Workout Systems

Flavia Del Monte’s Full BodyLicious & Curvalicious Workout Systems

The number one reason women workout is to attract more male attention. But are they really training their bodies in a manner that is conducive to this desired result?

The answer is a resounding “NO”! Without fail, 99% of women start hitting the gym for a lengthy session of cardio, or some kind of aerobics class, because that is their preconceived notion about how women should train to build a sexy female body. If the goal is to attract more male attention, it stands to reason that women should be training with the purpose of building the kind of physique that men are most attracted to, regardless of what that may entail. I could speak for what kind of female bodies I am most drawn to, but in order to eliminate my subjective opinion from the equation, I will appeal to science. Dr. Steven Platek, associate professor of psychology at Georgia Gwinnett College, recently conducted a study that concluded men are most attracted to female bodies with a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7. I am not going to focus on the 0.7 waist-to-hip ratio because the bottom line is that men are most attracted to women with small waists and curvy hips, which are the kind of bodies women should be developing at the gym. Not the skinny and dainty physiques so many women kill themselves on the treadmill each week trying to get.

 How to Develop the Most Attractive Female Body

Most women actually have half of the formula for building the ideal female physique correct. Assuming they are eating in a manner that is conducive to continual fat loss, their cardio workouts are a great way to trim the size of their waists. The issue is not the focus that women place on cardio, but the lack of emphasis that is placed on strength training, which is the only way to noticeably improve muscular fullness and develop the kind of curves in the hips (and otherwise) that men are most attracted to.

Curvy Butt Building the Perfect Female Body: How Women Unknowingly Sabotage Themselves from Getting the Kind of Body They Want and What They Can Do About It. To put it bluntly, curves are the result of having full muscles. Simply limiting calories and doing hours of cardio each week will not build a curvy body. In fact, training in this manner will do the exact opposite!

 Female trainers like Flavia Del Monte get it. Unfortunately, most others do not.

They simply tell their female clients what they want to hear, instead of hitting them with what they need to hear in order to build the curvy, sexy physique they truly desire. If you aren’t training with weights at least 3 times a week, and using progressive overload, you aren’t giving your muscles the stimulation they need to grow larger. You also want to avoid cardiovascular workouts that last longer than 30 or 40 minutes because any cardiovascular exercise that isn’t of the low intensity variety will cause muscular atrophy after that point. Building the perfect female body is actually accomplished by training in a manner that is similar to what is used to build the ideal male physique. 30-45 minutes of weight training and 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise four or more days each week. Women’s weight training should be performed with relatively heavy weights that lead to muscular failure in the 5-7 rep range. It should also consist of mostly compound, free weight and body weight lifts. Women seem to instinctively avoid this type of weight training out of fear that they will quickly build masculine amounts of muscle by using heavy weights and the same compound lifts that men train with. This fear is precisely what is keeping them from having the kind of slim, curvy and sexy body they desire! Women are not physiologically programmed for the kind of muscle gains that men experience. Even when using strength training with heavier weights their muscle growth will be somewhat slow. Most men have to train consistently for 10+ years before packing on 15 or 20lbs of muscle mass. As a woman your results will be even slower. So don’t be afraid of building an unfeminine amount of muscle mass ‘ it won’t happen ‘ unless you’re taking steroids, of course.

 Stop Focusing on the Scale

Another mistake women make is using the scale as the sole method of tracking their progress. Your goal should be to reduce body fat, not body weight! Your weight is comprised of body fat, muscle mass and water, among other factors, which makes it unreliable as a method of monitoring fat loss. As I explain in my book, Ripped Out, there is an easy way to strictly measure fat loss, which should always be your goal when trying to get lean and build definition. If you’re training as I have described above, your body weight will not always decrease, even when you have experienced losses in body fat, because you will be building certain amounts of muscle as well. However, if you’re training with a combination of strength training and cardio, and following an effective fat loss nutrition plan, you can expect to measure losses in body fat on a weekly basis as your body is continually transformed into the ideal female physique.

 Get the Sexy Feminine Body Men Desire Most

Don’t fall for the lies that women need to train with light weights and do mostly cardio. This will only serve to prevent you from developing the desired result of attracting the male attention you desire. Whether you are seeking to be more sexy to your husband, boyfriend or a guy that you are hoping to take more of an interest in you, losing body fat while building full and developed muscles is the only way to make it happen! This isn’t just my opinion. Science backs me up.



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